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This is where every thing else that is Poor n Reign lives.  There's nostalgia items, songs in progress, pictures galore, news, inside information, stuff the band would rather you not know about, links to cool stuff and much more.  This page is updated often so you might want to bookmark it.   
Alray_Rosalie2.jpg (6604 bytes) This page is dedicated to the memory of Raymond A. (Al-Ray) Tremblay  whose support and inspiration was one of the driving forces behind Poor n Reign.  

Al-Ray, (pictured here with his wife Rosalie), the successful leader and creator of his own band, The Rhythm Kings, used his vast knowledge and experience of the music industry to help us stay on course despite several setbacks.  His memory and spirit will always be in our hearts and reflected in our music.  He will be sincerely missed.......Rock On! 

Poor n Reign's Photo Album click here to check it out.

PnR's new bumper sticker.  Available for order soon.  Album purchasers will get one free as well.

Here's what New England Performer Magazine thought of Poor n Reign's 1st musical offering.  Click here to see the review. Poor n Reign ran a half page ad in Metronome Magazine.  Click here to view it. Metronome's review of Poor N Reign's 1st offerings.  Click here to check it out.
A shot of the band's Road Manager, Dan Marchand working out some setup issues.  The band's set list is on the clip board in the background.  Click here to check it out. Mike's middle son, Michael, creates a collage of used tickets that have been collected over the years from the band's live performances. Click here to check it out. A shot of the road crew at work at St. Monica's Fair in Methuen.  The crowd count was estimated to be over 2000 people.  This was a great show!   Click here to check it out.
The band's first news letter.  Click here to view.  If you are interested in receiving an actual copy (there are a few left) send us an E-mail with your name and address and we will send you a copy.  Free of Charge  poornreign@poornreign.com Even Rock n Roll bands have financial scandals just like the big corporations.  Here's the bands' bookkeeper resignation letter.  There was $80.00 unaccounted for.  Our bookkeeper paid the $80.00 and resigned.  Big corporations can take a lesson from Poor n Reign on financial integrity!
Poor n Reign's first Bumper Sticker-Click here to view
The Band's Official License Plate - Very rare piece - Click here to view
Ever wonder what it takes to get a band into a club to play live.  It requires a promo package.  Here's PnR's cover letter that would accompany each package sent to the clubs.
Handwritten Fan Letter - Check it out here The Official Poor n Reign Coat of Arms - Only Here
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